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The purpose of health insurance - improve the quality and scope of health care by: a radical increase in the provision for health care; decentralization of control health funds; material interest of health workers in the final results; economic interest of enterprises in maintaining health; economic interest of each person in maintaining their health. It is so widely defined purpose in the law on health insurance. Naturally, the transition to health insurance generates a significant amount of problems, which is becoming extremely important. Thus, in particular, an important issue is the development of methods feasibility study related services.


Affordable health insurance

The concept of "affordable health insurance" is a purely American. Europe is developing another type of insurance, namely compulsory insurance, or national (state) medicine, leaving the niche and to voluntary insurance, but very small.

Even neighboring America Canada from this point of view is closer to Europe. One indication of the prosperity of society is the state's ability to provide state health insurance of their citizens. Public health is to provide the same, but not always adequate health services for all social groups.

Alternative to the state medicine are voluntary, compulsory health insurance and paid medicine. For the inspection of all or of other teeth have to pay separately.

 affordable health insuranceComes the conclusion of the insurance company, and they write that they don't like the channel in a tooth, and they will pay their part of affordable health insurance plans only in that case if I this channel with a specialist in maxillofacial surgery. Thus, I think, insurance companies insure ourselves from fees for poor else's work. 

A large number of people in the US can t afford health insurance. Therefore, care for its citizens should undertake the state. The reform of health is the main task for the government.


State health insurance

Only in this case, you can rely on the support of voters. Clinic affordable health in
which I was treated - private, with staff, including the owners, not more than five people. At the great American hospital, they are called here hospitals, I was waiting for the exciting new discoveries.

One of them was very surprised me: they have no hospital smell. In the corridors, chambers, the air is clean and fresh, as if the spring. The passage to patients free directly from the street.

The lobby resembles a large greenhouse garden with palm trees and other exotic plants; there is also a souvenir shop. A little further, already inside the hospital, a dining room for visitors and staff. There are several different kinds of insurance in case of death, health insurance (total sickness), dental insurance separately, insurance eyes separately.






Affordable health insurance plans

Insurance is very expensive, and they need to buy. Cheapest approximately $ 400 a month.United States of America - the owners of the most expensive health care system in the world. The US spends on health care system more than any other country, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.Thus, in 2007, the U.S. spent on health protection of 2.26 trillion USD, that is 7439 dollars per person. According to the latest estimates in the U.S. on health care consumes about 16% of GDP. It is expected that the share of GDP allocated to health in the United States, will increase, and by 2017 will be 19.5%.







state health insurance

 According to the Institute of medicine of the National Academy of Sciences USA, United States - the world's only a developed industrial country that does not have universal health care system.

In the USA about 84% of citizens have health insurance, 64% of whom
the insurance provided by the employer, 9% - purchased it yourself, 27% of citizens insurance provided by the state.

The U.S. health care system independent services on three levels, this family medicine, hospital assistance, life and health insurance and public health. Medical services in the U.S. are private individuals and legal



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