May 28, 2024

Why Do Some People Have Problems With Earwax?

Earwax is a natural substance produced by the ear. It is made of wax, dirt and bacteria. It is usually found in the outer part of the ear canal and helps to clean the ear canal and remove debris from the ear.

The human ear produces earwax to help keep the ear canal clean and prevent infection. The earwax is produced by the cerumen glands. These are small glands that are located in the area just above the eardrum. There are three types of cerumen glands. They are the ceruminous glands, the Bartholin’s glands and the Weber-Cushing glands. The ceruminous glands produce earwax that is yellow or brown in color. The Weber-Cushing glands produce white earwax. The Bartholin’s glands produce clear or clear pink earwax.

As the cerumen glands produce earwax, it passes down through the Eustachian tube and into the middle ear. In the middle ear, the earwax is broken down by the action of bacteria. This releases earwax particles which are then swallowed into the throat. The particles are then digested by the stomach and intestinal tract. The rest of the earwax particles are excreted in the stool.

There are several reasons why people have problems with earwax. One reason is due to poor hygiene. When someone has poor hygiene, the earwax will not be properly removed from the ear. Another reason is if there is an infection in the ear. If there is an infection, the earwax will build up and block the ear canal. This can cause pain, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo and other symptoms.

There are many things that can cause an infection in the ear. A common cause is the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria which may be causing an infection. Another cause is exposure to chemicals such as glue, hair spray, perfume and hairspray.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor immediately. Your doctor can perform a physical examination and listen to the sounds in your ear. He or she will also check for signs of an infection.